What is Rahu Kaal and Timing of Rahu Kaal, How to Calculate Rahu Kaal

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Rahu Kaal, How to Calculate Rahu Kaal, On Several occasions, Rahu Kalam was mentioned, How would one calculate this time and why do you care?

Why Rahu Kaal Required?

Therefore, Rahu Kaal refers to the bad time or inauspicious time on every day which is not considered favorable to start any new activity. However, as per Hindu astrology, Rahu Kaal covers a span of about 90 minutes every day in between sunrise and sunset. 
Rahu is the badaka in all horoscopes. During this Rahu Kaal time, Rahu is given the opportunity to exercise this badaka influence. If we know the time for this, we just choose activates of lesser impact also, we can see eg no major decisions or expectations during this time.

Recall the term graha – that which binds, or holds. Now if we consider one definition for Rahu , other then one of the nodes for the moon,

  • Rahu = to seize
  • to take hold of suddenly or forcibly; grasp
  • to grasp mentally
  • take possession of by force or at will
  • to possession or control
  • So for Rahu Kaal, it is the time rahu seizes the opportunity for influence.

How to calculate Rahu Kaal

Therefore, Rahu Kalam is a portion of the day (or night), a particular segment. Here is the schedule, and then we will add an example.

Sundays – 8th portion from the sun rise
Mondays – 2nd portion from the sun rise
Tuesdays – 7th portion from the sun rise
Wednesday -5th portion from the sunrise
Thursday – 6th portion from the sunrise
Friday – 4th portion from the sunrise
Saturday -3rd portion from the sun rise

all the above, days are fixed in the calculation.

What do we mean by ‘portion’? If we divide the day up in equal portions, then rahu owns this part. So, the division is from sunrise to sunset and, divided up into 8 equal portions, Then sunset to sunrise, same 1/8th portion division.

Why 8? Rahu is the 8th Graha in the charakaraka system ( there’s fixed or sthirakaraka’s and 7 planets only are considered, ruled by Siva, Chara with 8 planets , rules by Visnu, and Naisargika or natural karaka system rules by Brahma).

This again is the information from the tradition that you could search for some time and never find out why 7,8 or 9 graha’s are used.

How to Observer Rahu Kaal

However, We take the day from Sunrise to Sunset and divide that time by eight. Each ‘portion’ is 1/8th. Then we look for the portions defined above for each day and we have identified the time. A quick calculation ( back of the napkin as they say ) is Sunrise = 6 AM and Sun Set = 6 PM. Divide by 8 and each 1/8th portion is equal to 1 1/2 hrs. So each Rahu Kalam portion would = 1 1/2 hrs.

Some True Facts About Astrology

Lets now use an actual sunrise and sunset…

1/8th Portions Starting sunrise — Start time
1——————————–5:51:10 AM
2——————————–7:20:29 AM
3——————————–8:49:48 AM
4——————————-10:19:06 AM
5——————————-11:48:25 AM
6——————————–1:17:44 PM
7——————————–2:47:03 PM
8——————————–4:16:21 PM Rahu Kalam Starts for daylight portion of the day
1——————————–5:45:40 PM
2——————————–7:14:59 PM
3——————————–8:44:18 PM
4——————————–10:13:36 PM
5——————————–11:42:55 PM
8———————————1:12:14 AM
7———————————2:41:33 AM
8———————————4:10:51 AM Rahu Kalm starts for the night portion.

Therefore many astrological calculators are available in the market, also we can use them.

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