Classification of Houses in Vedic Astrology!

1-4-7-10 are the Kendra Bhav considered to the most auspicious houses in astrology, they are known to be the pillars of the horoscope and the things you cannot avoid in your life, these houses always stay active no matter which house dasha you are running into. They are also called as Vishnu Sathan. 1-5-9 are the Trikone Houses second most auspicious houses in horoscope, they are called as Lakshmi Sathan, these are known to be the Dharma Houses which gives you the strength to perform your duties. 3-6-10-11 these houses are known as Upchay houses it means with time they start giving good results, it grows with time. 6-8-12 are known as Trik Bhav as they bring in obstacles, sorrow, grief, sudden & hidden things but What I feel is that these houses are equally important as others because if we see negative in these houses they also have positive things in it and if we only want to consider the negative part we must accept that after sorrow there is happiness and after setback there is success. 2-5-8-11 are Panphar Houses which are the supportive houses in horoscope.

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