Astrology, Astrologers & People! Faith & Blind Faith!

Astrology, Astrologers & People! 

Faith & Blind Faith!

I have seen many people in my daily life mocking about Astrology, heard them making fun, comparing it with situations & things unnecessarily. On the other hand, People are so connected, learn astrology as other subjects moreover there are people who trust blindly & some are there who thinks it is a magic and will tell them about each and everything, it will give them everything they want which is sometimes insane. So, today I am writing about how astrology works, myths & facts, advantages & disadvantages. How you can use it in daily life. 

Astrology is a Vedic Science which was introduced 5000 years back. The Father of Vedic Astrology is "Maharishi Parashara" known as the The Great Sage. The Sanskrit text "Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra" was written by him. 

In fact, Astrology was introduced first in the form of question and answers. Astrology has been known to predict a person's  past, present and future life, providing them with solutions of their problems, finding them the right soulmate, bright career and many more things. Exactly, these things are possible however this science was written long time back in Sanskrit Language with the passing time things changed some text are said to be missing, text language has been changed - Now books are available in Hindi & English languages. The original form was Sanskrit Shlokas which was recited with due respect and faith long time back. 

Vedic Astrology is a lifetime learning, it is a divine blessing which everyone cannot master. Is predicting a future a fun? Is telling something about an unknown person is fun? Earlier sages use to sit at one place for years to connect them with the divine, they use to keep faith, they use do mantra jaap, fasting and many more things to generate psychic energies within them. People do not attract astrology, astrology attract them. Not everyone can predict 100% accurately being an astrologer I'm writing this because I want to keep the transparency between the people and the knowledge. I truly do not want to create a fake perception about astrology. Astrologers blessed with the ultimate guide are able to predict accurate - this requires huge knowledge of sankrit text, shlokas, mantra jaap & some are blessed naturally. I accept the fact that due to some astrologers people mock about astrology or are scared and have myths in there minds. I sincerely want that astrologers should not create such perceptions as this divine science is to help not to scare the innocent. Astrologers should always stay true with their facts. 

On the other hand there are people who are just on this earth to check the accuracy of the astrologers. There are few who do not understand what is astrologer trying to convey to them. If an astrologer is telling them a simple remedy they are not happy with that they want a gemstone to be recommended, a big remedy to be done. Astrology is connected with our day to day life. Planets are people around us. Zodiac signs are behavior, traits we have within us. Houses in a horoscope is connected with the things we require in our day to day life. So, why big remedies why not simple practical approach to astrology! Each & everyone requires a different remedy - some requires gemstone, puja, counselling or some just need to adapt or change a behavior within them.  Astrology can help you in day to day life in several matters. First of all astrology is the best way to guide someone, to counsel someone. Astrology provides you with a path you just need to keep faith. Astrology tells us about a person's personality, we can very practically use this guidance in or daily life to improve our relations because people nowadays are just trying to change another person. Sometimes accepting is the only way. We should not forget the fact that we are on this earth with a purpose every good or bad thing happening to us is a teaching. We should not forget that we have our own "KARMA" with us & people in our surroundings play a major role. 

During this lock-down, I watched Ramayan - which again showed me the path of accepting things. The life of Ram ji & Sita ji was pre-destined. Even after being the The Raja he was forced to live in a Jungle. Even after being Maryada Purushotam Ram he & his wife was disrespected, insulted by the common people. This doesn't mean that they cannot do anything this means they were on this earth to fulfill their karma & to give teachings to people like us. The sage knew everything about them but still was quite because this life was predestined for Ram ji. So, In life every time things are not as we expect, everything we can't change, every problem can't be solved. We can just take a leap of faith, smile & accept. 

Written by Tejaswini Oberoi

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